Toilet Training Policy

We believe that toilet training is learned like any other skill – only when the child is developmentally ready to do so.  We will participate in the toilet training of your child when your child exhibits ALL of the following signs of readiness:

  1. Child shows an interest in using the toilet
  2. Child can verbally tell the teacher that he/she needs to use the toilet
  3. Child stays dry for at least two hours at a time
  4. Child can pull his/her pants up and down by him/herself

Children will remain in the Toddler room until they have successfully mastered toileting at least 90% of the time.  Toilet training should begin at home over a weekend.

Pull-ups will only be used at nap time.  During the rest of the day, we prefer that children wear heavy cotton training pants with rubber pants on top.  You will need to send a minimum of 6 pair a day, to start, along with multiple changes of clothes. The children will be asked to participate in changing their clothes when they soil themselves after the first few weeks of training.  Please remember that toilet training can be a very stressful experience for the child, parent and teacher! Patience and a good sense of humor will make it less stressful for all involved!

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