Infant/Waddler Program

6 weeks -2 years Early development is fundamental to the growth of children. This program gives your child a variety of opportunities to master the social, emotional and physical tasks of each developmental stage in a healthy, safe, and Jewish environment.


Development of Language Skills

  • Share songs and finger play with rhyme and repetition.
  • Use self-talk throughout the day to boost vocabulary and model language skills. For example,   “I’m going to wash my hands and put your bottle in the warmer.
  • Read books and tell stories about pictures throughout the day.


Introduce early math concepts

  • Provide items for infants to explore different textures, shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Read stories and sing songs that include counting and numbers.
  • Establish daily routines.


Introduce science concepts

  • Provide toys for infants to grasp and mouth.
  • Encourage infants to push buttons on a pop-up toy.
  • Spend time outdoors with infants to teach them about the sights and sounds they see in nature, allowing them to explore and react to outdoor surfaces and changes in weather.
  • Create opportunities for infants to observe and experience their environment, both inside and out, using all five senses.


Social-emotional skills

  • Respond to an infant’s smiles, coos, babbles and cries.
  • Hold, sit or lie on the floor with infants to be close to them during playtimes.
  • Create opportunities for infants to observe and interact with other infants in the environment.
  • Help infants distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar adults.


Physical skills

  • Provide infants with floor time to explore their environment
  • Encourage infants to roll over, sit up or crawl and walk to people or toys.
  • Provide opportunities for infants to begin to learn to feed themselves.

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