3 Year Old Curriculum

Gan Yeladeem Learning Center

Pre School Curriculum  - 3’s

Math Readiness – Children instinctively incorporate math into their daily life.  In order to present sound mathematical understanding, children will participate in activities that will use numbers, develop quantitative concepts and become aware of time and space.

Areas Covered:

Geometry, Measurement, Numeration, Sets, Patterns

Reading Readiness – The following goals of reading readiness are recognized as developmentally based, pre-academic goals.  These skills can be incorporated into other areas, as well as stand as independent activities. Pre-reading skills are important pre-requisites for future academic life.  Appropriate games, songs, and stories are some materials to choose from in this area. We firmly believe that first-hand experiences and objects manipulated by children at play are necessary to attain reading readiness skills.

Areas Covered: Listening Skills, Visual, Alphabet, Writing Readiness

Language Development The goals are included in every activity in which a child participates, outdoors indoors, structured, and unstructured.  An enriching environment, appropriate materials, books, experiments, and socialization opportunities are essential in reaching the following goals.

Language Development – expresses him/herself to groups, engages in simple conversation, enjoys telling stories for dictation

Comprehension – answers questions about a story, re-tells a familiar stories

Science- To develop the ability to solve problems, children will be exposed to a variety of hands on science experiments with the emphasis on learning through fist hand experiences.

It is important to help children observe all aspects of things before reaching conclusions and understands that conclusions are not absolute.  Children should be encouraged to develop minds that can adapt to change and accept mistakes.

Scientific Method investigating, observing, defining, comparing, grouping, discovering, fostering thinking skills, finding solutions, relating, sorting, classifying

Social Studies –Social studies starts with the area closest to the child: from –him/her self to family – then to community. Self discovery, sharing similarities, and respecting differences in culture and family are essential.

Self , Family, Community, Current Events, Multicultural Education

Creative Arts –Children will be encouraged to explore the arts as a means of self-expressions and creativity. Our focus is the process of the child’s creative art experience rather than the final product.  With the arts there is no right and wrong.

Music/Movement , Art, Dramatic Play

Physical Developments – By providing an environment that encourages children to expand their gross motor and fine motor skills we enhance positive feelings of self-esteem and encourage the development of cognitive skills. They further develop their ability to follow directions, improve eye-hand coordination, expand their physical capabilities, and work together as a team.  Achievement will be obtained at different rates. Gan Yeladeem offers as part of our curriculum weekly gym classes. Children will be encouraged to participate in the program.

Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills

Social and Emotional Development – Our program focuses on achieving the following skills.  Although there is no specific timetable for development we do recognize progression between the different age groups.  Activities encourage positive self-esteem and positive group interaction while allowing for individual differences. Giving the child opportunities to develop these skills is necessary for healthy social/emotional development.

Objectives: accepts teacher direction, accepts group limits, accepts correction, flows with group routines, helps with classroom maintenance and clean up, has the ability to concentrate on appropriate tasks, exhibits self control, has the ability to go through transitions, respects the rights and property of others, engages in cooperative play, engages in make believe games, shares materials, speaks to others when spoken to, develops independence, attempts to help other children, relates to other children, learns to express feelings appropriately, understands the concept of taking turns, participates in group activities, accepts opportunity to lead the group as well as to follow.

Judaic Learning –Judaic curriculum integrates Jewish traditions, holidays, and value. Children will develop a more complete self concept and sense of identification with the Jewish community and the state of Israel.

Shabbat - By the end of the school year a child should be able to understand the following concepts: Shabbat occurs every week, every year, In school, Shabbat is a special time with activities different than those occurring during the rest of the week, Jewish children around the world prepare for Shabbat, Many families prepare for and celebrate Shabbat in their special ways, Shabbat will be celebrated in every class on every Friday (i.e. lighting candles, challah, grape juice, Emma, Abba, appropriate prayers and songs)

Holidays - The Jewish holidays represent the core curriculum in our pre-school.  Beginning in September we will span almost the entire holiday cycle within the 10-month school year.  The holidays offer us opportunities to build memories for children. These holidays include: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat, Purim, Passover, Yom Haatzma’ut, Lag B-Omer, Shavout.

Values - A Jewish school is more than four walls housed in a Jewish institution.  It is more than teaching holiday rituals, Hebrew terms, and discussing Jewish ideals. The attitudes and values we present and model affects children every minute of every day.  The ultimate communication of Jewish values, identification and commitment occurs in subtle ways, and they are learned from the staff’s actions and mannerisms.

Objectives: demonstrates and understand of caring for others, demonstrates and understand of Tzedakah, recognizes and participates in our responsibility for protecting the environment, demonstrates and understanding that Judaism’s concern for life extends to all living creatures, understands the concept of mitzvoth

Prayer - It is our objective to introduce children to prayer through various brachot used at snack time, lunch time, Shabbat, and holidays.  At the same time, by saying brachot in Hebrew, we are introducing them to the special language that binds Jews world wide. The following brachot are to be used:


Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheynu Melech ha-olam Aher kid=shanu b’mitz-votov V’tzivanu l’hadlek neyr Shel Shabbat


Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheynu Melech ha-olam borey p’re ha-gafen


Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheynu Melach ha-olam ha motzi lehem min ha-aretz

Units – Colors, shapes, American Holidays: Columbus Day

Election Day


New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Groundhog Day

Lincoln’s Birthday

Washington’s Birthday

Earth Day

Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Father’s Day

Jewish Holidays: Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur


Simchat Torah


Tu B’Shevat



Yom Haatzma’ut

Lag B-Omer


Seasons, farm animals, ocean animals, plants, community workers, nursery rhymes/fairy tales, self, good health habits, recycle, numbers, transportation

Special Experiences:

   Trips, Visitors, Art Show

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